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Facilities offered in the Sports and Exercise Medicine department:

The department offers a range of services for all, not only for the athlete but also for those who want to achieve better health and prevent injury. We have a range of services available to cater to each patient’s need. The staffs are highly trained to recognise what best suits each individual case.

Gait Analysis

Videoed gait analysis is used as a form of assessment. The patient will be required to walk/or run on the treadmill and see for themselves where their gait is faulty.

2 D Foot Scan:

2D scanner measures the pressure in the forefoot, midfoot and hind foot.  It enables the individualization of biomechanical defects of the foot, in static phase or during walk, as well for the prevention as for the treatment, by highlighting the results of the external and surgical interventions on the foot and the lower limb. It helps evaluate the following parameters

  • Pressures distribution in orthostatic condition.
  • Stabilometry of the patient in static position
  • Dynamic evolution of the pressure during the dynamic phase of a step
  • Peaks of pressures and time of contact on the ground
  • Individualization of areas at risk for the foot
  • Comparison of the results of therapies adopted in time
  • Help in the design of plantar orthoses

Customised foot orthotics:

Orthoses are placed in the shoe to correct abnormal lower extremity mechanics and alignment.  The orthoses are customised after clinical examination and observation of patient running and walking.  The orthoses control excessive subtalar and midtarsal movements that may occur to compensate for structural abnormalities.

PRIMUS RS ( A multi-joint testing and Exercise machine): PRIMUS RS ( A multi-joint testing and Exercise machine):

Primus Rs is a multi-joint testing and exercise machine where sports specific tools can be added to optimise training specifically for each sport. Its ability to target both small and large joints makes the machine essential for optimising sports specific training.

Documentation Based Care (DBC):

Spinal pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint in patients and is often related to a muscular imbalance or poor spinal joint movements. The DBC programme is aimed specifically at increasing spinal muscle strength, restoring muscular balance and optimising the spinal range of motion in all directions, throughout the body similar to the Preventive Strength Conditioning (PSC) programme,  a member of staff is present during the session to guide you throughout. 

Preventive Strength Conditioning (PSC): 

The PSC is a high-intensity strength training programme, which uses specific weight machines targeting isolated muscles. All patients are assessed before entering the programme where a specific strength programme is designed to suit your circumstances. Staff members are trained to supervise you throughout the sessions to ensure that the correct technique and weight is being used.

High altitude training (GO2 training): 

It uses intermittent hypoxic training which allows the body to train at low levels of oxygen. It aims in improving endurance, enhancing fitness, improving cardiovascular performance and well-being.

Manual Medicine:

Osteopath, doctors and physiotherapists at our department specialise in musculoskeletal medicine and use a holistic approach to treatment.A detailed case history and musculoskeletal examination is conducted before commencing with any form of treatment.The Treatment comprises of hands-on therapy, as well as a thorough discussion with the therapist on the long-term management for the presenting complaint.

Sports massage:

It is designed to target specific muscular tension tightness in order to relieve painful symptoms and common over-stressed tissue.


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